| e-mail marketing

Sometimes email marketing can be overlooked and foreshadowed by the popularity of social media, but a healthy email list supplemented by quality and focused email newsletters can still deliver your business a great boost in sales and customer relations. While today’s top social media outlet may be what everyone is using, tomorrow may be a different story. When that happens, how can you ensure that all of your fans follow you to the next big thing? Those concerns are eliminated with the use of email marketing.

Email Newsletters Versatility

Just as it is with content creation, the possibilities for email newsletters (often called “e-blasts”) are endless. The email newsletters of today can showcase any content you’ve created in an enticing format to help get the content where you want it to be: in front of your customers. Advertising specials or grand openings for a new location, sharing useful blog content, educating your clients on industry changes that are relevant to them, or simply sending out an appreciation message to your customers are all things that can be achieved through email marketing.

An appealing design with useful content is imperative to avoid your carefully selected information from being automatically deleted from an overcrowded inbox. At Matek Media we will consider both aspects and deliver a creative, visually impressive e-blast that targets your ideal customer and remains consistent with your business branding and marketing goals.